4 Things I Learned By Being The Least Experienced Person In The Room: A Guide For Career Changers, Job Hunters, And Promotees That Want To Level Up But Are Experiencing Impostor Syndrome

Luke Manimala
2 min readApr 20, 2022

To level up, you need to work with folks that have more experience than you.

I’ve been new. But with persistence, I’ve grown to lead digital product design at a publically traded global company. I made this because these strategies still help.

Hopefully you’ll read this and be empowered to lead despite presuming you don’t belong.

It’s okay to not know, but make it your mission to learn fast

Begin new challenges assuming you know nothing because it’ll motivate you to learn aggressively.

I’ve seen “experienced” people join a company, but 8–12 months later, they’ve been let go or are taking a back seat to less experienced people that learned faster.

More experience, more bias

A negative to experience is that their decisions are biased bt what they’ve tried before.

You’re the new voice in the room, with a fresh and malleable perspective. Use it to your advantage by looking at problems in unique ways.

Experience doesn’t mean you know everything

They can’t know everything because things work differently today than a month ago.

Find fast changing areas where you can build knowledge that experienced people can’t have.

Don’t be afraid to challenge experienced people

Know what you know and stand by it!

When decision are made with facts you know are wrong, challenge them even if the most experienced person in the room made them.

It doesn’t mean argue. Question bad assumptions and make it known you’re not a sheep.

Don’t work with people that value experience more than hard work or good ideas

If you’re being ridiculed or people refuse to listen to you simply because you’re less experienced, get out.

Too many companies are looking for talent. It’s not your mission to survive a culture that doesn’t respect hard work or good ideas.

Please feel empowered to lead in environments where you’re not the most qualified, hit me up if you need help!

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