Building healthy work habits in 2022

Why a writing BootCamp?

I’ve realized a gap between my design resume and the work I have available for potential customers, clients, or collaborators to consume. Every job I win comes with the knowledge that the client made the offer without seeing my best and most impactful work, and I wonder if better offers would be on the table if that were not the case.

What would you write about?

As a Product Designer, I use written content and case studies to demonstrate concepts I’ve learned when designing app products. I can sustainably illustrate my value as a designer, technologist, and product leader in creating this work.

My version of success

Success by the end of the next 30 days would include:

  • I can analyze thirty essays and harden them into case studies and articles to market my design services.
  • A genuine and honest habit that makes writing something that I need to do because it makes me feel good when I do.
  • A new mindset of daily growth and engagement that I can apply to other areas of life

A reflection on where I’m at

I’ve been journaling inconsistently on a semi-daily basis for most of the past two years. I’ve written a few semi-successful medium blogs. Still, I’ve rarely written to grow an audience and never to the point where I would allocate significant time to writing every day. Thankfully, that’s all about to change 😊 🚀



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Luke Manimala

Luke Manimala

Chicago-based product designer. I am working to find the story and value in every product through thoughtful execution and innovative design.