Comparing The Cost Of Placing A Video Ad On Tiktok, IG/FB, Youtube, Linkedin, And Twitter in 2022, So Small Businesses Can Use Social Media Advertising To Increase Brand Awareness With A Limited Budget

Luke Manimala
2 min readApr 19, 2022


I looked at the cost of running a video ad on the leading social media platforms.

Social media advertising can affordably increase brand awareness and unlock new growth if done correctly. But first, you’ll have to afford it.

Here’s my promotion:


Small business owners of small consumer products companies, located in Chicago between the ages of 25 and 55.


Run a 7-day video ad to increase brand awareness and reach a user approximately three times over the week.


TikTok has a vast user group, and good content tends to go viral.

Budget: $20 daily minimum, $280 campaign minimum

Available audience: 171,000–212,000

At $20 a day, TikTok is not exactly the most accessible.

Instagram and Facebook

You can use Meta Business Suite to advertise across Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger, which casts a wide net.

Budget: $4.00 daily

Impressions: 357–1K weekly

Clicks: 76–218 weekly

Instagram and Facebook have low entry barriers, making them perfect for small businesses hoping to boost brand awareness over a long period.


We’ve all been down YouTube rabbit holes; advertising here would be an opportunity to catch someone in one.

Budget: $4 daily

Impressions: 2K-3.6K weekly

Views: 1.2K-2.5K weekly

Average cost-per-view (CPV): $0.01 — $0.03

Youtube also has a low barrier to entry, meaning YouTube would be an excellent platform to host a video ad for brand awareness persistently.


LinkedIn has incredible amounts of data on businesses you may be targeting.

Budget: $10 daily minimum, $100 campaign minimum

Target audience size: 2,400+

Impressions: 990–1,700 weekly

LinkedIn ads are expensive but offer the best market segmentation by stats like company size, growth rate, and key roles.


If you’re active on Twitter, placing an ad there might be opportunistic.

Audience Size: 969.9K–1.0M

Average cost-per-view (CPV): $.00475

Twitter gave me the cheapest CPV of all the platforms on the list.

Hopefully, this sets you up for a deeper dive into the right platform

And in no time, you’ll be running a successful ad that brings in business for your company.

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