How To Design an MVP UI Component Library

For your apps to be maintainable, you’ll want a UI library as a source of truth.

There are many reasons why product teams regret skipping this critical step.

  • They’ve ended up with 20 slightly** different versions of the same UI
  • They have to scour their app or site every time they want to upgrade UI
  • The amount of work to replace your UI has snowballed out of control

Step 1: Identify a baseline for MVP

To create a plan, you need to understand what you need.

Step 2: Customize, starting at the atomic level and building up complexity

You’ll want to make this library look and feel like your own.

Step 3: Use a component workshopping tool to align the team

You’re ready to present your components to the team.



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Luke Manimala

Luke Manimala

Chicago-based product designer. I am working to find the story and value in every product through thoughtful execution and innovative design.